Centre Marie-de-l’Incarnation

An encounter with an exceptional woman: Marie Guyart de l’Incarnation

The Centre Marie-de-l’Incarnation is a spiritual environment focusing on making better known the life and work of its foundress, Marie Guyart de l’Incarnation, wife, mother, businesswoman, nun, teacher, writer, but above all a lover of God, whom she called “my divine Spouse”. The story of Marie Guyart de l’Incarnation is told to the visitors by passionate guides, using watercolors painted by the Ursuline Sister Louise Godin.

The visitor will also have access to our most precious spiritual treasures: the rosary belonging to Saint Marie de l’Incarnation, early editions of her personal letters (1681), and various edifying objects such as a 17th-century Missal.

The visitor will also be able to travel through time while admiring a model of the monastery in its successive stages of expansion. The visitor can also admire the original side façade and the elementary school, still active 380 years after it opened.

Under the supervision of the Canadian Union of the Ursulines, in collaboration with a small group of lay persons, the Centre welcomes visitors of all background, beliefs and spiritual quests in order that they may discover the historical importance of Marie Guyart de l’Incarnation and her rich interior life.


Praying in the chapel of the Ursulines, a rare treasure from the first half of the 18th century

“Together with the talented sculptors of the Levasseur family, the Ursuline community, preoccupied with the education of the faith, have achieved, using local wood, an exceptional result. (…)

This masterwork, more than three centuries old, underwent many vicissitudes, since the first chapel had to be demolished and rebuilt at the beginning of the previous century. With the utmost care, the original sculpted interior was kept intact after the new construction in 1902. Thus, this ancient jewel of the Québec decorative art maintains today its splendor in the chapel.”

Marguerite Chénard, o.s.u. préface de La chapelle des Ursulines de Québec


Can also be viewed

The Centre Marie de l’Incarnation which has:

  • the rosary of Saint Marie de l’Incarnation
  • the Missal of Saint François de Laval
  • an original edition of the letters written by the son of Saint Marie de l’Incarnation
  • Illustrations of the life of the foundress


  • the outstanding main altar
  • the stained glass of the oratory
  • the largest Desjardins collection of painting to be seen in a place of worship
  • a commemorative plaque of general Montcalm

Please check the opening hours


Also close by

  • The museum of the Pôle culturel of the Monastery of the Ursulines. It presents exceptional religious embroideries and a collection of tools and teaching accessories used through the Ages for the education of young girls in North America.
  • The Dufferin promenade offering a spectacular view  of the Saint Lawrence river, and many refreshments stands.
  • The town hall square with its cooling fountains


Good to know

  • New and old books for sale
  • Portraits and medals for sale
  • Washrooms in the museum


Contact information

6 rue du parloir, Québec, Québec G1R 4M5

Opening hours (subject to change):

  • From May to October, 10:00 am To 12:00 am, 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • From October to April, Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 12:00 am,1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

418 692-2523, poste 2226

Groups and operators


Individual and family visits

You do not need to phone in advance if you wish to visit. But make sure to check the opening hours.

The pilgrimage

The oratory and the tomb of Saint Marie de l’Incarnation

This oratory, erected in honor of the memory of Saint Marie de l’Incarnation, dates back to 1972. The stone of the tomb comes from Saint-Gédéon in the Lac Saint-Jean region. It was sculpted by Raymond Delwaide. Other sculptures found here are the work of the Bourgault of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. The stained glass windows come from the Ateliers Bettinger of Montreal. The statue found in the mezzanine is the work of Émile Brunet. It shows Marie de l’Incarnation, Mother of the Church of Canada. Many pilgrims and visitors stop here asking for the intercession of Sainte Marie de l’Incarnation hoping to obtain various favors.

Marie de l’Incarnation