Doing a pilgrimage in Quebec City

Making a pilgrimage in Old Quebec, on the very sites where lived the male and female Founders of the Church in Canada, is a chance to encounter the men and women who loved God and passionately wanted to announce the Gospel, even at the risk of losing their lives. Filled with this love and the desire to fulfill His divine will, they invested their mission with courage, zeal and caring trying to evangelize all the persons they met.

The journey of the pilgrim

Come and pray at the tomb of the founders of the Canadian Church

At the tomb of saint François de Laval, the first bishop of Canada, located in the Basilica-cathedral of Notre-Dame de Québec, next to the entrance to the Centre d’animation François-De Laval;

In the shrine of the Jesuit Martyrs (The Chapel of the Jesuits), where one can find a relic of saint Charles Garnier.

Theme of the Year 2022

“Engaged in God’s project.”

Yesterday’s saints for today’s believers

Let yourself be inspired by the charism shown by each of these male and female Founders, true pillars of the Canadian Church. They can still bring their support to you and strengthening graces by their prayer and intercession in the presence of God.

Icons (below), described by Mrs Gilberte Massicotte-Éthier

Saint François de Laval

A man who used to like meeting others, and who chose to evangelize by example.

Called the “Apostle of America”, he is a model for us of the New Evangelization. Through his intercession, you can be renewed in your zeal at the service of the Gospel.

Many seek his intercession to obtain harmony in their family, success in a project or recovery from an addiction.

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Saint Marie de l’Incarnation

Marie de l’Incarnation is an intense lover of Christ who can pray on your behalf that you may reconnect with God, that your confidence in his mercy can grow in you.

Ask her to help you develop an ever greater and passionate love for Jesus.

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Blessed Marie-Catherine de Saint-Augustin

A model of charity who can help us learn to become more available to the workings of the Holy Spirit and obtain the grace of service and humility for the poorest.

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Saints Canadian Martyrs

As witnesses of God’s love even in persecution, they teach us gentleness, service, courage, self-sacrifice, and an invincible faith in God in all situations, up to giving one’s life for Christ every day.

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The steps in your pilgrimage

The road drawn is simply a suggestion. You may choose of course the way through the streets that suits you.