Together, in order to better facilitate your spiritual undertaking

Our diverse communities have joined their forces to allow you pilgrims the opportunity of enjoying a beautiful and meaningful pilgrimage experience.

Who we are

The contributors / a collective

The Ursuline and Augustinian nuns communities, the Jesuits, the Parish of Notre-Dame de Québec and the Séminaire de Québec have been working together to offer the best possible service to the pilgrims coming to our spirituals sites in Quebec.

Every year, we train guides to welcome and inform our visitors and tell them the history of our religious landmarks and of our Saint Founders.

Our mission

We have combined our forces to facilitate the organization of your pilgrimage and allow you to discover and visit the holy places found in Old Quebec. This will give you the opportunity to present your prayers to our Founders.

We strive to carefully welcome the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims coming to our beautiful city every year.

This website is a unique gateway to better get acquainted with our various religious sites and ease the preparation and registration of groups of pilgrims wishing to spent a few days or hours in the historical and religious heart of the French civilization in America.


… to your pilgrimages