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Important information for a pilgrimage in Quebec City

For pilgrim groups of more than 10 people, we will be happy to help you organize your pilgrimage in Old Quebec. Later on, our team will welcome you with open arms at the set meeting point of your pilgrimage day and will take you to the centers. Register your group now with the form below.

The pilgrimage in Old Quebec includes a presentation of the life and spirituality of each great character, prayer time at their tombs and a brief historical explanation of each historical site. Upon reservation, Mass and confession may be added to your itinerary.

We do not offer guided tours of these sites, but you can visit them by yourself or during a Quebec City guided tour (see opening hours of each Center).

While walking through Old Quebec, in the heart of North America’s history, your group will go on a spiritual journey on the footsteps of our saint founders.

The pilgrimage

Duration of the pilgrimage

The complete pilgrimage last between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the content you wish to have, and including 30 to 45 minutes of walking in total.


  • For travel agencies, see costs below.
  • For parish or diocesan groups, fill in the form and we will contact you.

Your pilgrimage in 12 points

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Groups of over 10 people

Booking deadline

Bookings must be done at least one month prior to your desired pilgrimage date. Our team will contact you for finalize your registration and schedule your passage to the chosen religious centers.

Cost for travels agencies

The cost of a pilgrimage is $250 for groups over 10 people.

Registration and reservation cost for a date are of 75$. The amount is included in the 250$ pilgrimage cost, but non-refundable if the group cancels.

The reservation’s date is confirmed once we receive of the 75$ payment.

Cost for parish and diocesan groups

Fill in the form, and we will contact you to inform you of the “cost”.

Practical information

The group must provide a cellphone number to the coordinator of the pilgrimage, so that once they are in Quebec the group is reachable. The group will be given the cellphone number of the chaperone to reach him if necessary.

During the preparation of the pilgrimage, all communications must be held between the group’s coordinator and the local coordinator in order to avoid organizational problems.

The pilgrimage

A chaperone will accompany the group from the starting point until the end of the pilgrimage. The chaperone’s duty will be to direct the group between the places of the pilgrimage and to make sure the schedule is respected; which is an important element of the pilgrimage.

At each stop of your itinerary, a Center representative will take charge of the group.

The organization of a pilgrimage excludes all touristic elements, even if some of those elements are found in the places of the pilgrimages.

Each year, a theme will be suggested to the groups (each theme is used from the beginning of May to the end of April of the following year). The suggested theme allows a continuity in the pilgrimage regardless of the number of stops and places.

The pilgrimage can be held in French or English (Spanish in some sites). Please specify in the form.



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Once all the sections of the form is filled out and your booking validated, we will contact you shortly after to confirm your coming to Quebec.

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